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  • I’m hoping it’ll be better for me despite everything going on politically. I should be done with a treatment that, fingers tentatively crossed, will help my depression, my therapist just entered a pact with me and we’re both gonna start walking four times a week at minimum, and I’ll hopefully have dropped the ten pounds in trying to lose by then.

    Of course, I’m American, so probably none of this matters if the GOP takes control. People like me are first on the chopping block for conservative genocide, and part of project 2025 is to completely eliminate any and all legal protections for people like me.

    So, I hope it’ll be better and I won’t get hate murdered. Fingers crossed!

  • Vegans object to all forms of animal exploitation, and raising animals to take their eggs still involves a degree of that. Even in the most benign cases of free range, well taken care of chickens in the world, chickens have still been bred to lay an unnatural number of eggs, which is very hard on their bodies, and that’s being exploited by farming them for eggs.

    For anyone who buys eggs instead, know that the animals are not kept in these benign conditions. Even ‘free range’ factory farmed chickens are kept in small enclosures, with only a small window to the outside. There are no store bought eggs that can remotely be considered ethical.